Friday, January 8, 2010

Ontario's brief in the Asian Carp dispute


Ontario has filed a brief before the US Supreme Court in the dispute regarding the closing of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal to prevent the invasion of the Great Lakes and St-Lawrence River Basin.

Ontario supports Michigan's motion and notably argues that:

- The introduction of the Asian Carp to the Great Lakes poses the threat of immediate and irreparable environmental harm;

- Damages suffered as a result of an Asian Carp invasion would be crippling to Ontario's fishing economy;

- Prevention of the invasion is preferable and more effective than after the fact erradication and control;

- The ecosystem approach to Great Lakes management must be consensual and collaborative, and involve Canadian authorities, as shown by the transnational legal framework currently in place.

Of note is the fact that all parties appear to have agreed to Ontario's intervention as Amicus Curiae to the Court.

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