Friday, November 26, 2010

POLIS policy paper on public trust doctine in British Columbia


Just a quick post to refer to a nice and short policy paper from Elizabeth Hendriks on Implementing the public trust doctrine in British Columbia for POLIS. It provides an overview of the doctrine and the significant legal developments related to it. Good entry point for a more detailed study of the matter. POLIS has already published on this and there are a other articles in Canadian environmental law doctrine on this (ex.: Scott Kidd, «Keeping Public Ressources in Public Hands: Advancing the Public Trust Doctrine in Canada», (2006) 16 J. Envtl. L. & Prac. 187).

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  1. Hugo, Thank you for the mention! We will also be hosting a webinar on December 8th between 12pm - 1:30 pm Eastern Standard time with Oliver Brandes and Randy Christensen. If any of your readers would like to register they can find more details at
    Cheers, Liz Hendriks