Monday, December 6, 2010

Asian Carp litigation: preliminary injuction dismissed - again


Another loss in a long series of lost battles: Steve Kellman reports for the Circle of Blue that a preliminary injunction to close the locks on the Chicago Canal to prevent Asian Carp entry in the Great Lakes has been rejected - again.

It's particularly interesting to see how the court attacks scientific evidence based on the eDNA tests because this method does not provide certainty as to the establishment of viable Carp communities beyond the Canal locks (see notably p.44 & ff. of the decision).

At an abstract level, there could be a parallel with the processes related to discrediting scientific evidence on human induced climate change. Prevention and precaution appear completely immaterial. We need to hit a wall at full speed to realise there's a problem and take action. We can only cross our fingers and hope the crash is not fatal.

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