Monday, April 26, 2010

Asian Carp litigation: The US Supreme Court denies the motion


The U.S.A. Supreme Court has denied the motion to reopen the Wisconsin et al. v. Illinois et al. case and decree. According to the Great Lakes Law Blog:

«The Supreme’s Court denial is disappointing but not surprising, given the Obama administration’s opposition to having the case heard. While other legal options (such as a case in state court or a lower federal court) are still open, it is doubtful that any new legal case would be resolved in time to prevent the Asian carp from spreading into the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Environmental Law Center is investigating other legal strategies, but at this point the pressure should be on federal agencies and Congress to take effective action immediately.»


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  2. I wonder when these things going to end? Litigation is a process that never going to end soon.

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